At the general election held on November 2, 2010, Maryland voters were asked: “”.  54.4% of the voters voted “for” but Maryland’s General Assembly has refused to convene the constitutional convention….

Tell Maryland’s General Assembly:
Convene the state con-con Marylanders voted for on Nov. 2, 2010
Maryland’s Constitution mandates that every 20 years a referendum be placed on the ballot giving the voters of Maryland the opportunity to convene a state constitutional convention.  The Framers of Maryland’s 1851 constitution inserted this self-executing provision in the Constitution to prevent giving Maryland’s General Assembly discretion over whether to convene a constitutional convention.  They distrusted the General Assembly on this issue because a constitutional convention allows the public to institute democratic reforms that a legislature opposes.
Prior to the most recent referendum on November 2, 2010, not a single member of the General Assembly publicly supported a yes vote on the referendum.  This was not a surprise, as many legislators knew a constitutional convention would likely lead to highly popular democratic reforms, such as independent redistricting, legislative transparency, and legislative term limits, which they strongly oppose.
Nevertheless, on Nov. 2, 2010, 54.4% of Marylanders voted yes to convene a state constitutional convention.  But members of the General Assembly have refused to convene it, despite their oath of office to uphold the Constitution and claims to respect the people’s will.
Maryland voters have waited more than a year for the General Assembly to pass the enabling legislation to convene the constitutional convention voters approved.  Without delay, the General Assembly should do so now.
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